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Anger Management

Hope Recovery Services, Inc

Alice Edwards, MS, LCDC, LPC I, MRT, LPPT

Substance Abuse Counselor located in Uptown Park, Houston, TX

If you have trouble controlling feelings of anger, it can cause problems at work and at home, and it may lead to depression or substance abuse. Alice Edwards, MS, LCDC, LPC I, MRT, LPPT, and the team of caring providers at Hope Recovery Services, Inc offer personalized anger management therapy for men and women. To schedule an evaluation for anger management, call the Houston office today, or make an appointment online.

Anger Management Q & A

What is anger management?

Anger is a normal emotion, and it’s healthy to express feelings of anger in certain situations. Sometimes, however, a person has difficulty letting go of angry feelings or can’t control when or how they express their anger.

If anger is interfering with your relationships or job or is generally preventing you from feeling happiness, you may need to learn how to consciously manage your angry emotions. 

Anger management therapy is one way you can develop strategies to control your anger, so it won’t have negative consequences on your personal and professional life.

Who can benefit from anger management training?

Anger management training helps people who are experiencing anger that causes negative consequences in their life. Sometimes the courts order mandatory anger management treatment in response to an anger-driven legal incident. 

However, anyone can choose to enter anger management therapy to learn how to manage their response to situations that trigger unhealthy anger.

What is anger management therapy?

Anger management therapy is a type of training that combines education and counseling techniques. Anger management training helps you identify triggers, recognize the emotions that precipitate anger, and develop tools to help you remain calm in difficult situations. 

Counseling allows you to explore the reasons for your anger and address any underlying mental health conditions that contribute to your unhealthy anger response.

What is involved in anger management therapy?

The compassionate and professional team of experts at Hope Recovery Services designs customized programs for anger management treatment to meet your individual needs.

Your anger management program may include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Stress management techniques
  • Educational resources

Taking care of your physical and emotional health can help you maintain emotional balance. The team takes an integrative, holistic approach to designing anger management strategies. 

Your provider may recommend alternative therapies such as meditation classes or yoga, as well as nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and sense of well-being.

Don’t let anger affect your career or come between you and the people you love. Schedule an evaluation for anger management therapy with a licensed mental health professional at Hope Recovery Services by calling the office today, or by making an appointment online.